Diver's Lung Testers

Divers Lung Testers Prank Blowback Pipe

Our friend Geordie Oswald is a talented craftsman skilled in making these authentic pieces of history at his workshop here in the UK. Looking for a talking point for get-togethers and social events? These quirky diver lung testers are guaranteed to be a real crowd pleaser.

Used in Victorian times, before the days of technology, these nifty items were used to measure the lung capacity of UK divers, to make sure they were healthy enough to go under water.

The blowback pipes work by blowing on the spout, to make the wheel go round. But be careful - if you don't know the right technique, you'll end up with a face full of powder! Also known as powder pipes, these curious objects make a brilliant prank for your unsuspecting friends, family or work colleagues.

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