Iris Folding Templates

Discover the fascinating art of Iris folding patterns. Our friend Diane Dorford has made a beautiful collection of Iris folding template kits to buy online, that you can print at home, and make anywhere. Iris folding is a paper folding art form that started in 20th century Holland. The thrifty artists that started it would use the beautiful, patterned paper left over from envelopes they were finished with. The beauty of Iris folding is that once you master it, you can put any scrap paper to good use – old wrapping paper from a present, some packaging that looks too good to chuck in the bin – you name it! 

We absolutely love this range of exclusive printable PDFs of Iris fold templates. Choose from Christmas, animal and other themed shapes, which come with easy-to-follow instructions. 

Whether you’re looking to get in touch with your creative side, or find the perfect gift for the craft lover in your life, our stunning collection of iris folding templates made in the UK, are sure to delight and inspire.